Photography has always been a passion of mine. At the age of eight, I received my first Poloroid instant camera, I was hooked. My father, who has been a photographer for more than fifty years has been guiding and educating me on the fundamentals and intricacies of photography since I was a child.

I received my bachelors of Industrial Design from Auburn University. This unique eduction focused on product design and development but also emphasized form, shape, beauty, color,composition and balance.

I have recently decided to devote myself full-time to following my dream and my passion. I have opened a studio in Old Town Helena this year. This amazing location allows for stunning outdoor pictures and indoor studio shoots.

I enjoy capturing images that will serve as memories for a lifetime. As a visual person, looking through photos from my past can transport me back to that special space and time. it is a gift to be able to provide those precious moments to other people.